System requirements

Our products are compatible with the minimum PHP 5.6 version, however, we highly suggest running the products with a version of PHP 7.x. For databases, we suggest using MySQL of minimum version 5.6 or MariaDB of minimum version 10.

All products we develop for the self-hosted WordPress CMS available from website, hence, we don’t provide any guarantee they’ll work with any website running other platforms. They are compatible with the minimum WordPress 4.1 version.

Products license

All of our products are licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 and you’re allowed to use them on as many websites as you wish. This includes multiple domain names and subdomains.

Currently, we offer following premium packages of products, their updates, and support forums

  • Basic – 1 year
  • Advanced – 2 years
  • Developer – 4 years
  • Enterprise – lifetime


All updates to our free products we provide to the users without any further fees while updates for the premium products are granted for the selected bought membership period. We regularly release new updates so we intensively work to make our products run with the latest versions of the WordPress platform and be compatible with it.

Upon successful payment

Products packaged ZIP files are instantly available for download in the newly created premium account once we accept the successful payment. If in any way you are not able to access your account and/or the acquired package, please contact us directly with the described problem and we will fix the issue as soon as possible.

Products support

We frequently provide technical support for our products including various settings and minor CSS changes. We provide support for premium products through forums hosted on our website while free products help is regularly provided on the official product forums.

Every premium package includes a support forum and product access (including updates) for a limited period. This period you can extend by buying another period or upgrading to a higher package with a one time 20% discount within 7 days of the current package purchase. Unfortunately, we don’t provide any customization service in the support forums.

Warranty & compatibility

Our products are offered “as is”. We test browser compatibility with most modern web browsers. We cannot guarantee they will surely work with various devices, systems and browser combinations.

Products code structure uses the best WordPress practices and great organized functions and styles, however, we cannot guarantee they are/will be compatible with any of the other 3rd party themes or plugins created by other authors.


We provide full refunds within 14 days period since the date a package was purchased for the first time. After the time no refunds are provided for any reason. We don’t offer refunds for extended nor upgraded premium access.

Images used on the demo sites

We use free materials under CC0 License. They are not provided in any way in our products’ packages. All their authors are available here:,

Website copyright

All content used on the and its subdomains are the property of Exceptions are demo images that license belongs to their authors. Any distribution, digital or physical must be authorized with our consent.

Pricing changes

We reserve the right to modify the pricing at any time without prior notice.

Last update: Nov 7, 2019